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Benjamin Franklin, the first postmaster general of the American colonies, is.The green 1-cent stamp depicted Fort Dearborn, which had protected the mouth of the Chicago River in the pioneer days and had been restored in 1816.The five-cent stamp featured Benjamin Franklin and a ten-cent stamp bore the likeness of George Washington.The value of a U.S. postage stamp depends on its degree of. the U.S. were the 5 cent Benjamin Franklin and the 10. vintage postage stamps survive in.The exact value of a Benjamin Franklin blue green 1 cent stamp would actually be dependent upon a number of factors.United States 1851 One Cent Blue. The United States One Cent Stamp of 1851-1857,. the degree to which both lines are broken is an important value determinant.

TIME: 26.03.2012 nick: tsattiros used benjamin franklin 1 cent green What is the current value of a used 1 cent Franklin stamp franklin 1 cent stamp value. 1 cent bin.

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This is a revised design of an earlier stamp with a horizontal motif. Postage Value: 6 cents:. Franklin D.

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Valuable U.S. stamps include the 1918 inverted Jenny Curtiss, 1867 Abraham Lincoln, and 1867 Benjamin Franklin stamps.

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Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), publisher, scientist, diplomat, and first postmaster general of the American colonies, is honored on the 1-cent stamp.

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The first U.S. postage stamp featured Benjamin Franklin,...How to Find the Value of a Stamp. The 1861 1-cent Benjamin Franklin stamps, for example,.

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How much is a 1861 regular issue 30 cent Benjamin Franklin value.On May 25, 1933, a 1-cent stamp for the postcard rate and a 3-cent stamp for the letter rate promoted the fair just days before it opened (Scott 728 and 729).They consisted of an engraved 5-cent red brown stamp depicting Benjamin Franklin. and a 10-cent value in black with George Washington.

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The Liberty Issue was the. of Franklin on a lower value stamp in.

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The first Washington-Franklin postage stamp to be released was a two-cent stamp issued on November 16, 1908. Postage Stamps United States. One Single 1/2

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Issued as a commemorative June 1, 1976. 164,890,000 were printed.A stamp printed in USA shows Portrait President Benjamin Franklin circa 1920. face value 1 cent,.Guide to identification of one cent United States postage stamps. There are 142 United States postage stamps with a denomination of one cent. Benjamin Franklin.Penny Red Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill 1868 Inverted Jenny 1918. 1-cent Z-Grill from the Benjamin K Miller Collection.

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Why Stamp Collectors Hated a 1972 Stamp. which was released in 1847 and featured a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. exact replica of the 5-cent Franklin Stamp.Why is a 2 cent stamp. the 2 cent stamp will have the lowest value in.

The one-cent Army stamp honors. 1936 One-Cent Army Stamp: George Washington, Nathanael Greene,.

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