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A user can set the SelectedDate of a DatePicker by typing a date into its text box.

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Forum thread about Change the calendar icon of the date picker in UI for Silverlight.This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.Show Date-Picker-Popup without control. Tags:. the TextBox part and just show a DatePicker Icon with any.

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The following example creates that DatePicker that displays the date using unabbreviated days of the.

The jQuery UI Datepicker widget allows us to select the date from the widget.

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The above style for Popup control is to only implements and change the StaysOpen and.

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This is an update to a previous a post jQuery Datepicker With Bootstrap Icon but instead of the jQuery UI.I am using Wpf 4.0 Datepicker control in my application and I bound the text property of that.

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You can click on the up and down arrows to change the day and time and also can use the drop down arrow to load the monthly.

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Custom WPF DatePicker control This project provides an example of a custom DatePicker control that updates the value of a source property that is bound to...I recently needed to style a WPF expander control for a prototype.

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The following example creates a DatePicker that is initialized with its calendar open and displaying July 7, 2009.Is it true that a tarball can change where files are extracted to regardless of the.To change the label of the date picker control in WPF is very easy.